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" highly recommends, The Nurse in the Delivery Room SlappedMe.. Once as an insightful and empowering very well written read. It has positive direction and the messages that D Anthony shares with his readers are clear and very transforming. You cannot help but feel driven towards a stronger commitment towards a more fulfilled and purposeful life." -


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Excerpts from the book "The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once"

A Closer Look

Close, but not quite there - huh? Need a little more convincing? Or perhaps, to the contrary, you're merely in search of a little instant perspective to help motivate you until your personal copy of "The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential" arrives. Either way, we aim to please. Following is a small offering of the unconventional collection of stories and perspectives poised to encourage... to challenge... to inspire you and yours.

So what about you? Are you ready to commence the amazingly uncomplicated process of discovering the path to the kind of happiness and fulfillment we were all intended to have? Surprisingly, all it takes to get started is an open heart and mind.

And now for a closer look...


About the Book

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Chapter 1: Born To Lead - Excerpts

Motivational Stories Excerpt: Who I Am
Motivational Poems Excerpt: The Spark

Chapter 2: Then Life Happened

Motivational Stories Excerpt: Where I Needed To Be
Motivational Poems Excerpt: If

Chapter 3: Perspective, It's Here Somewhere - Excerpts

Inspirational Stories Excerpt: Back To Normal
Inspirational Poems Excerpt: Begin Anew

Chapter 4: The Personal Touch - Excerpts

Inspirational Stories Excerpt: A Need To Change
Inspirational Poems Excerpt: To Grow

Chapter 5: A Little Gratitude - Excerpts

Inspirational Stories Excerpt: A Full Swing
Inspirational Poems Excerpt: Morning

Chapter 6: Playing With Passion - Excerpts

Motivational Stories Excerpt: Get In The Game
Motivational Poems Excerpt: No Concept of Defeat

Chapter 7: Eventually, Death Visits Us All - Excerpts

Motivational Stories Excerpt: Any Day Now
Motivational Poems Excerpt: Another Tear

Chapter 8: And Faith Ensues - Excerpts

Motivational Stories Excerpt: Looking Up
Motivational Poems Excerpt: The Majesty


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