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How to Avoid the Development of BIA-ALCL

Women are doing breast augmentation for different reasons, and out of all the cosmetic treatments and surgeries, this is the most chosen procedure by many women. This procedure involves fat transfer and breast implants to increase the size of the breast. It can also revitalize the breast volume and improve the overall shape and symmetry of the breast.

The goal is to improve the breast’s size and the particular body proportions of the breast most of the time. Beyond the aesthetic result, breast augmentation also helps women change their self-image, which significantly improves their self-confidence and self-esteem. If you want to know more about the positive impacts of breast augmentation, you can check out this link: But as good as breast augmentation is, there are still some speculations associated with breast cancer prevalence. And people are becoming more threatened for their health.

As with breast cancer, this happens when cells grow, and BIA-ALCL normally develops in the immune system and in the scar capsule cells that have formed over the enlargements rather than in breast tissue. Almost all reported cases of BIA-ALCL have been related to breastfeeding. However, further studies are underway to determine whether the consistency (smooth vs. structured) and type of implants contribute to this disease’s increase.

BIA-ALCL could be detected in 3 million women with breast implants per year. Patients should be aware of the likely complications that can occur when using any implant type in their breasts. However, plastic surgeons have been encouraged to take these measures to prevent, find, or completely avoid the development of BIA-ALCL:

Observe Pre-Surgery Disinfection Protocol

antibacterialBearing in mind that BIA-ALCL can grow on seroma germs within the scar, it is essential to perform methods to avoid contamination of breast implants. Both the plastic surgeon and the patient should follow the ideal instructions for cleaning the skin before surgery. Patients are also advised to shower with an antibacterial gel before the surgery. Prophylaxis and antibiotic therapy are also essential before undergoing enhancement surgery.

Make Follow-Up Appointments

first aidA standard check-up after a magnification operation is essential when the incisions are healed and regardless of a good process. In this way, plastic surgeons can monitor the implants’ condition and the person’s general well-being. Besides, it allows early detection of complications such as BIA-ALCL, which has no indication. Plastic surgeons often offer their patients post-operative care after augmentation surgery and compliance with mandatory follow-up controls.

Be Informed of the Possible Risks

Breast implants are foreign bodies that are inserted into the body. Regardless of this, it is an excellent idea for girls to familiarize themselves with the benefits, risks, and possible complications associated with the use of implants. Aesthetic surgeons are also encouraged to inform themselves about their patients’ likely risks at the initial consultation time.